VMO Aviation Consultants is also concentrating on the provision of consultancy work. This includes aviation research, studies, audits and advice.

The consulting aspect of the business offers a wide range of services and expertise for airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers and other related aviation industries. The subjects mentioned on the training page give a good indication of the fields on which the consultancy could advise.

Additional expertise also exists in the field of air operations in remote areas, aviation project management and the application of Lean Principles.

At Vmo Aviation Consultants we are not only giving advise on operational matters but are prepared to monitor or even run projects until they come to maturity. We will help you getting your business operationally off the ground. For instance we can help choose the appropriate aircraft type for your route network, set up stations, organise your ground handling operation to mention only a few aspects of running the operational side of your organisation. All the above is in accordance with requirements as prescribed in EU-OPS Part 1.

We offer practical, common sense, appropriate and cost effective advise, based on many years of aviation industry and operational experience, backed up by a solid education in air transport management, aviation project management and Lean Principles.

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