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Vmo Aviation Consultants is led by Henk Glimmerveen who has over 35 years experience in the airline industry. The company provides a wide range of training and consultancy services for airlines, airports, ground handling providers, aircraft manufacturers and other aviation related companies and organisations.

Personal profile

Henk Glimmerveen is an experienced airline industry trainer, adviser and consultant with over 35 years in the sector and a strong cross-cultural emphasis to his work.

Cross-cultural experience - Henk was born in the Netherlands, has lived in the UK for over thirty years and works regularly with airline staff from the Middle East and across Europe.

His informal approach combined with his technical expertise and practical experience gives him a natural rapport with training groups and senior managers.

Cumbria-based - Henk lives in the Eden valley of Cumbria and is a part-time miller and a Board member for a social enterprise that is seeking to buy the Watermill at Little Salkeld, just a few miles from his home.  His commercial experience is proving invaluable in this project too!

Energy and enthusiasm - Henk's enthusiasm for the airline industry is as obvious today as it must have been in some of his first jobs in Amsterdam and then early in his career in the UK.  It is this natural energy that creates the impact of his communications and training.

Trading as VMO Aviation Consultants, Henk Glimmerveen offers clients his practical insight into the airline industry, his international and cross-cultural experience as an effective trainer and his expertise in SMS and other key areas of modern airline practice.


Work profile

Practical insight - Henk has worked for major airlines at several European airports in a range of operational, customer service and management roles.  He has in-depth knowledge and a thorough understanding and can support your business from the perspective of someone with practical insight into the changing and challenging environment of the modern airline industry and airport operations.

International experience - Much of Henk's work in recent years has focused on training situations, sharing his expertise through workshops and courses at the Air Business Academy (ABA) in Toulouse and at the Arab Air Carriers Organization's facilities throughout the Middle East.  He has also presented to a Chinese delegation as part of his work at ABA.

His international experience, combined with his natural rapport with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, make Henk a useful member of any cross-cultural project or training team.

Expertise to share - A particular focus of Henk's work is Safety Management Systems (SMS) and he has also lectured on EU-OPS to IR-OPS as well as anticipating and implementing other regulatory changes.  He has lectured on air law, management of an airline station and international aviation and is a recognized contributor to the Future Pioneers programme of Saudi Arabian Airlines.

As well as the delivery of specific training, Henk has also acted as a specialist consultant to the airline industry.  His most recent work involved supporting a small UK airfield facing issues with local development plans and enabling effective liaison with the Civil Aviation Authority.

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